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We have extensive experience in research chemicals. Our customers always receive high-quality products in the shortest possible time. We deliver goods to the most remote places in the world, regardless of whether it is a big city or small villages. In addition, we guarantee the delivery of  4f adb to United States, Europe and South , America 5FADB For Sale. 

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  • 5F-ADB Flash point: 121.377 °C
  • 5F-ADB Boiling point: 277.085 °C at 760 mmHg
  • 5F-ADB Molecular weight: 285.38
  • 5F-ADB Compound purity: > 99.7%
  • 5F-ADB Appearance: Powder
  • 5F-ADB Synonyms: 4F-MDMB-PINACA
  • 5F-ADB Purity: 99.7%
  • 5F-ADB LimitNum: 25 Grams
  • 5F-ADB Moisture Content: <0.3%
  • 5F-ADB Impurity: <0.3%
  • 5F-ADB Storage: Kept in a cool,dry and ventilated place
  • 5F-ADB Packing: Aluminum foil
  • 5F-ADB Shipping: 0( Zero) disclosure
  • 5F-ADB Delivery time: Within 1-2 days; only after payment
  • 5F-ADB Use: Used for pharmaceutical intermediates or lab chemical research   5FADB For Sale

How to use the Powder?

5FADB for sale in the highest quality powder form. Buy in the quantities  10gr, 50gr, and 500gr. Ensure to store the 5FADB powder in a dry and cool place for maximum shelf-life. Store in a dry and cool place for maximum shelf-life. When handling research chemicals ensure to always take the proper precautions in the laboratory like wiping down surfaces and wearing gloves, a mask & protective clothing.  5FADB For Sale

Where to buy  5FADB

5FADB can be purchased here on the vendorsplc website. We sell premium quality 5FADB, typically in powder. However, we often have other substance forms available, so feel free to contact us to see if we have your preferred substance form in stock. You must be at least 18 years old to buy 5FADB from us. 5FADB For Sale


Our website is easy-to-use and you’ll need just a few minutes to order 5f ADB. We deliver research chemicals to various parts of the world. Please note, that you must check the schedule 1 drugs list and be assured that 5f ADB is not included in schedule 1 narcotics in your country. Some information is available on the 5f adb wiki page. 5FADB For Sale


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